Chris Tann (ctann) wrote,
Chris Tann

AI - how far away can it be?

As I wrote 2 years ago:

"IBM has announced that they are working on a 10 PetaFlop computer, and expect to have it operational by 2010"

(see the full entry here).

Well, they seem to built one, Although the article states that they don't know "when it will be available", it seems to indicate that they have a working prototype.

All this was in respect to modelling a human personality, which was estimated a long time ago to require about 10 PetaFlops of performance. In the same article, they go on to say:

"[Mira]  is a stepping stone on the path to an exascale supercomputer, which is expected to arrive in the 2020 time frame and will be at least 100 times faster than Mira".

Holy cow, ExaFlop level by 2020! My year 2000 predictions are looking like being 100 times off (I had predicted 10 PetaFlop by 2020).

Start writing those AI modeling programs now...


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